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Hi there . . .

We're Olivia & Leanne and together we are Harmony Weddings!

It has been an incredible journey to take a giant leap into the wedding world, we've taken our voices up and down the country and even internationally! To say we are thrilled would be an understatement!

Let's take you back to the beginning...we first met on an audition day back in January 2020 to be a resident vocalist at a hotel. The job position was only meant to go to one of us but the Entertainments Manager loved our chemistry together and chose us both! We lived and worked together for over two years, and we often talked of one day making a name for ourselves and venturing into the world of we did!

Our first ever performance after leaving our jobs was an ABBA event, we LOVED it! Initially our goal was to become purely an ABBA Duo Tribute, weddings didn't even cross our mind! Eventually, we started throwing around the idea of getting into the Wedding Industry, we thought "how hard could it be?" Well...


It has been a rollercoaster of a journey so far, we gradually built up our followers and pushed our name out there for all to see. Then in March of 2022 we booked our first wedding show...The National Wedding Show! The BIGGEST wedding show in the country! We definitely dived into the deep end and threw ourselves into the wedding world head on! 


Then...our first wedding booking came in! We were beyond excited! Slowly but surely more weddings got booked into the diary, then one of our TikTok videos went viral and changed our business overnight! With International enquiries coming through our inbox we couldn't believe it, we knew this would be an incredible journey and we have never ever looked back. We of course still perform our ABBA Tribute and even incorporated it into the wedding side of our business, our couples love it! 

Speaking of our couples...we couldn't have done it without them! Every one of our couples has been so unique and we have travelled up and down the country and even across Europe to bring our harmonies to their special day. Each venue brings it's own wonder and each couple brings their own excitement. We always have to try so hard not shed a tear when it comes to Aisle Walk!


We are always so humbled to be part of a couples most special day. They say "if you love your job you will never work a day in your life", it couldn't be more true for us. It brings us so much happiness to be able to share our passion and work with you to create the soundtrack to your wedding day. We are two of the luckiest ladies in the world...

Liv & Lea x

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